About us

HispaLux Consulting is the only consultancy firm based within the UAE with the purpose of exclusively assessing buyers that are seeking to invest in Spain. With offices in Dubai and Spain, HispaLux Consulting has been specifically created by a group of experienced professionals to provide all the services any foreign buyer may require in order to complete his investment and acquire Spain’s Golden Visa in an efficient manner.

From finding the right investment, to organizing the exploratory trip to Spain, to assessing with all the administrative duties, to negotiating and closing the deal. We complete and submit all the applications for you, we gather and present all the documentation required, both in Spain and in your country of residence, we keep you informed on each step of the way and we finish by presenting you all the authorizations and documents at the end of the process. Our unique and extensive understanding of the market, local culture and procedures, when applied to your specific needs, simplifies the process and avoids unnecessary steps and delays.

Our moto: Simpler is Better!