Cost of living in Spain: Comparison of country’s biggest cities

29 February 2016

The cost of living in Barcelona is 30.17% higher than the national average, making the Catalan capital’s the most expensive city in Spain, followed by San Sebastian (+27.85% on average) and Madrid (+ 22.72%). On the other side, Caceres is the cheapest city (16,35% below the average), with Lugo (-13.75%) and Palencia (-13.16%). These are the main conclusions of the index prepared by the web that analyzes savings and services in different Spanish cities.

The analysis shows that the most expensive cities are often those with the highest salaries in the country as well. In fact, 6 of the 10 capitals with a cost of living higher also part of the ‘top 10’ of cities with higher household income.

To determine what it the cost of housing for the consumer, the report analyzes the average purchase price and rental of an apartment of 80 square meters in each of the provincial capitals. In average, to buy a house of this size in Spain costs 131,040 euros. The highest prices are those recorded in San Sebastian (328,080 a 150.37% on average), Barcelona (269,520 euros, 105,68% more) and Bilbao (241,360 euros, 84.19% more). Instead, the least expensive cities are Jaen (89,600 euros, -31.62% below average) and Lleida (91,440 Euros, 30.22% less).

Renting a house of 80 square meters costs an average monthly payment of 561.6 euros nationwide. Given that figure, the most expensive capitals of the country are Barcelona (970.4 euros, 72.79% above average) and San Sebastián 940 Euros, 67.38% more), while Lugo (332 euros a 40.88% less) and Ourense (351.2 euros, 37.46% less) are the most economical.

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