Hispalux Consulting will perform a bespoke and unique property search based on your requirements. Just tell us what you are looking for and we will find it for you.

holiday homes

Holiday Homes

Looking for a beach, ski, golf or city holiday home? You and your family will have long lasting memories of your holidays in Spain. You will never get bored!

investment homes

Properties for Investment

For those who are looking for a secure investment which will produce a steady ROI through long or short term rentals. Hispalux Consulting will assess you to decide where and what property to purchase, depending on your goals.

bank assets

Bank Assets

Distressed properties owned by banks are still abundant. Although the supply of these kinds of properties is higher on the coastal/touristic areas, there are still some interesting opportunities in the main cities.


Properties for Refurbishment

Due to the lack of space in the center of Madrid and Barcelona and the increasing demand of new luxury properties in the prime areas of the cities, refurbishing old properties and converting them into modern units has become very popular and lucrative. Hispalux will oversee the whole process of buying-refurbishing-selling to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

off plan

Off-Plan Properties

Recovering after the economic recession, off plan properties are resurging again through the whole Spanish territory.



Would you like to buy your own land and build the property of your dreams? We at Hispalux can help.

Country estates

Country Estates

Ever dreamed about having your own agricultural, ganaderas, hípicas or recreational country estate that you can exploit and enjoy at the same time? Spain offers tremendous opportunities which will satisfy all demands.

Commercial properties

Commercial Properties

Offices, hotels, warehouses, retail stores, shopping centers and medical centers.