Real Estate

Real Estate Investment in Spain

Empowered by foreign investment since Q1 2014, Spain is regaining the attractiveness for international investors after the long lasting recession where the prices for properties for sale dropped between 30-40% since 2007.

Selling and rental prices have started an important recovery in 2014-2015, especially in the main cities, Madrid and Barcelona, and touristic hubs like Costa del Sol and Islas Baleares.

Since the creation of the Sareb (Bad Bank), the rush of foreign opportunistic investors has not stopped. Recognizing the upward trend of the market, important foreign investment groups, like Blackstone or Goldman Sachs, and private investors such as George Soros are seeking for bargains in residential, office and industrial sectors with special focus on Madrid and Barcelona.

Reasons to invest in Spanish Real Estate NOW

  • Prices are 30-40% lower than in 2007.
  • First increase in real estate prices since 2007 across the country in Q3 2014.
  • Forecasts show that prices will go back to levels of 2007 by 2020.
  • Recovery of the main sectors: residential, commercial and industrial.
  • Simple property acquisition and legal procedures with no language skills required.
  • Expected 3.2% GDP growth in 2015, one of the highest in Europe.
  • Financing easily obtainable with low interest rates.