Individual advice and presentation of options for investment in Spain

HispaLux is available to solve all your questions in regards to Spanish Legal, Financial or Real Estate sectors; thus, don´t hesitate to reach out to our team for help. We will make your case our priority.

HispaLux collaborates with the best real estate agencies and banks in Spain having access to residential, offices, hotels and commercial properties and off plan projects. Once we understand your requirements, we will filter all the properties in our portfolio and create a selection of those that match your unique needs.

At the same time, under request, our team can explore different investment alternatives like acquiring shares of a Spanish company, investing in public sector debt securities or bank deposits in Spanish financial institutions.

Assistance with Tourist Visa, Resident Visa and Spanish Citizenship by investment applications

HispaLux will take care of the entire process of application of the residence visa for you and your family.

The visa application process can be complex at times and the amount of paperwork required is quite significant. In order to make the process smoother, HispaLux will help you throughout all the steps in order to make it as efficient and short as possible.

Exploratory trip

Our aim is to make you feel at home from the first moment you land in Spain. Don’t worry about booking hotel rooms, transportation or leisure activities, etc we will take care of all the details so you can just enjoy.

Due Diligence

Your time is precious. That is why at HispaLux we will go through the following checks before visiting the properties in order to avoid any delays and surprises:

  • Examine the ownership of the property to find out if they are any potential encumbrances or levies on the property. Studying the title of the seller, more particularly the status of the property in the Spanish Property Registry.
  • Looking into any registration problems with the property.
  • Making sure that payments are up-to-date within the Community of Owners when the real estate has common (shared) areas.

Assistance on opening the Bank Account & Obtaining NIE(National ID for non-Spanish citizens)

Assistance and representation in all administrative tasks during the buying process

1. Negotiation of the terms and conditions of the purchase.
2. Revision of buying contract.
3. Signing the deeds before Notary.
4. Paying taxes which will depend on the property and the geographical area.
5. Registering the title in the property register.

Renting the property

HispaLux Consulting will help you fixing the right rental price of your property according to current market value per location, type and condition of property and finding and securing the right tenants.

Assistance with property maintenance and tax fillings

As we know how challenging it is to manage a property living thousands of kilometers away, HispaLux Consulting will deal on your behalf with all third parties involved in your property. We will deal with tenants, insurance companies, neighbors, utility services, local authorities etc.

Utility set-up (water, gas, phone, electricity)